For Information regarding the PAC please contact our PAC Chair, Tracy Cox at

We invite each Parent/Guardian to learn what the EFR Parent Advisory Council really is all about; PAC is a whole lot more than just fundraising.

Did you know that each and every Parent/Guardian of a student at École Frank Ross is a Voting Member of PAC?  The purpose of the PAC is to support, encourage and improve the quality of education and the well being of the students in Ecole Frank Ross.

PAC is here to provide a link between Parents, Educators, Administrators, the Board of Trustees, the Ministry of Education and Community Organizations with an interest in education.

To have a voice in the development of new and revised educational programs within School District #59.

To encourage parent involvement in the school and to support programs that promote parent involvement.  PAC cannot function or exist without you amazing Parent’s who volunteer your time, money and energies.

Thank you again for everything you do as parents/guardians.